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Col (GS) William Gargiullo


Chargé de Mission


Col GS William Gargiullo served the Geneva Centre for Security Policy as Senior Associate Advisor from 2004 to 2012. Currently, he is Chargé de Mission at the GCSP.

Col GS Gargiullo graduated from the Military Academy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zürich), participated in the first European Security Policy Training Course at the GCSP (ETC / 97) and in the Senior Course on Security Policy in Northern Europe at the Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm (2000).

Col GS Gargiullo served as Chief of Staff Operations in a brigade (1990 - 1992). After this appointment, he was sent to the former Yugoslavia as Senior Military Observer (UNPROFOR) during 15 months. Then, he commanded an infantry battalion (1994 - 1996). In 1997, he became deputy defence Attaché in Madrid (accredited to Spain, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) and in 1999, defence Attaché in Stockholm (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lituania) until the end of 2003.

Born in 1954, Col GS Gargiullo is married and has two children.