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7 Determinants of State Power

'The breakdown of national power into these seven state capacities reveals the complexity of statecraft and that only a holistic approach to governance can ensure sustainable national power.'

On 8 March, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs published GCSP Head of Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme, Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan’s, article on ‘The Seven Capacities of States: a Meta-Geopolitical Framework.’

Al-Rodhan shares ‘Distinct from traditional geopolitical analysis, Meta-geopolitics provides a more nuanced treatment of the determinants of state power in terms of seven crucial capacities that make up national power.’ These include:

  1. Social and health issues
  2. Domestic politics
  3. Economics
  4. The environment
  5. Science and human potential
  6. Military and security issues
  7. International diplomacy

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