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An ‘end-of-life’ for the International Space Station?

‘In the future, it is likely that private actors will increasingly fill the void left behind by the ISS and that certain states will seek to establish their own space stations.’

On 29 March, the World Economic Forum published an article written by GCSP Head of Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme, Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan, on What will space exploration look like in the future? He writes about the potential end-of-life of the International Space Station (ISS) as well as offers possibilities around life after the ISS.

Professor Al-Rodhan refers to Charles Bolden, the head of NASA in October 2016, commenting that ‘private companies would soon have the possibility of docking modules at the ISS, confirming an expectation that there will be a shift towards privately-funded ISS crews and missions, with the possible development of commercial space stations after decommissioning.’

Find out more about the role of state players, private companies and the future of space exploration in Professor Al-Rodhan’s article below.


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