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Could a Diplomatic Tweet Provoke a Crisis?

Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) Global Risk and Resilience Cluster Leader, Dr Jean-Marc Rickli gave an interview on the RTS’s "Tout un Monde" to discuss mounting diplomatic tensions between Canada and Saudi Arabia.

In his remarks to the Swiss Radio show, Dr Rickli argues that Saudi Arabia’s retaliation against Western states for criticizing its human rights record is nothing new.  He cites examples involving Sweden in 2015 but also Germany earlier this year.

Dr Rickli states that the reasons for the Saudi’s actions lie with Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman – both in his unwillingness to appear weak domestically, but also in his unwillingness to allow outside voices to empower Saudi domestic activists.

In preparation for the 2030 reform plan, Dr Rickli says the Saudi government must walk a fine line between the religious conservatives and the young populations who want reform.

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