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Dr Rickli Weighs in on Syria

GCSP Global Risk and Resilience Cluster Leader Dr Jean-Marc Rickli gave two interviews with Al Jazeera English to discuss developments in the Syrian civil war over the past few weeks.

In the first interview, Dr Rickli explains why Iraqi forces carried out airstrikes on Syrian territory along the Iraq-Syria border. He directly attributes the Iraqi airstrikes to the ISIS attack in Baghdad on 16 February, saying that Iraqi forces were retaliating and also working to prevent future attacks.

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In the second interview, Dr Rickli discusses the outcome of recent negotiations between parties to the Syrian civil war, which occurred in Geneva at the beginning of March. Noting that there are many more factions on the ground in Syria than present at the talks, Dr Rickli warned that combat may intensify over the coming months in order to strengthen the bargaining power of those present at the talks.

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