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GCSP Expert Marc Finaud Contributes to Efforts to Revive Conventional Arms Control in Europe

On the occasion of a workshop on “A New Concept for Conventional Arms Control” organised by the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions in Hamburg in July 2018, GCSP Expert Marc Finaud wrote a working paper on: “Addressing the Nexus: Regional Conventional Arms Control in a Global Context”.

The author recalls past developments during the Cold War when, even in times of tension among key states, mutual interests motivated progress in arms control both relating to weapons of mass destruction, principally nuclear weapons, and conventional armaments. Today, there is a risk of mutual paralysis of arms control on both tracks paving the way for dangerous arms races and the lowering of threshold of conventional and nuclear war. The author recommends to overcome negative linkages and return to the previous incremental and reciprocal approach that was successful during and after the Cold War.


Download the paper here