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GCSP Expert Marc Finaud Describes Urgent Measures to Reduce the Risk of Nuclear War

The website of IDN (‘Initatives pour le Désarmement Nucléaire’) published an article by GCSP expert Marc Finaud presenting the measures recommended by a report of ‘Global Zero’ as an alternative to the United States ‘Nuclear Posture Review’ released in February 2018. Among such measures are: the abandonment of any scenario of nuclear warfighting; the cancellation of new weapons programme deemed useless and likely to boost an arms race with Russia and China; de-alerting of missiles on high alert; a policy of non-first use and lower ceilings to be negotiated with the other nuclear-armed states. Such a reduction of the risk of nuclear war would facilitate further progress towards non-proliferation and disarmament in the same spirit as the 12-point plan presented by IDN.

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