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GCSP considers the Nice attack and its aftermath

Analysis of the new security paradigm facing Europe today

In the aftermath of the Nice attack, GCSP experts discuss the current security landscape in Europe

From analytical forecasts to first-person reporting, our experts provide the latest insight into the challenges facing Europe today.




Associate Fellow Jean-Paul Rouiller connects these attacks to the broader strategy of ISIS.


Associate Fellow Jean-Paul Rouiller explained the context and timing relative to current events

Senior Fellow and Senior Program Advisor Christina Schori Liang discusses low-cost terrorism


Deputy Director and Academic Dean Mohammed-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou discusses ISIS' strategy and its precedents

Associate Fellow Paul Vallet discusses the French public's reaction to the attack


Alumnus Soufiane El Hamdi discusses his work combating extremism in the wake of the Nice attack on 14 July

Associate Fellow Jean-Paul Rouiller Remarks on the Threat of Terrorism in Europe