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GCSP examines the situation and recent events in Turkey

Analysis of the security landscape after the attempted coup

After the attempted coup on 15 July in Turkey, GCSP experts weigh in on both what this means for Turkey and the broader implications for the rest of the world.

From analytical forecasts to first-person reporting, our experts provide the latest insight into the challenges facing Turkey today.



Associate Fellow Aaron Stein joins a discussion on what the coup will mean for Turkey.


Associate fellow Souad Mekhennet writes about the impact the coup will have on the U.S.-Turkey security alliance.

Associate Fellow James Stavridis theorizes about the impact of the attempted coup on Turkey-NATO relations.


Associate Fellow Souad Mekhennet delves into the impact of the attempted coup on the Turkish armed forces.

Associate Fellow Souad Mekhennet discusses the escalation of Turkey's institutional purge, part of the post-coup government crackdown.


Associate Fellow Aaron Stein examines the divides within the Turkish military.