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GCSP’s Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan’s article in Global Policy Journal

GCSP’s Head of Geopolitics and Global Futures ProgrammeProfessor Nayef Al-Rodhan’s latest article on ‘Reconciliation Statecraft: Eight competing principal interests’ was published this week by the Global Policy Journal at Durham University’s School of Government and International Affairs.

He writes, ‘My concept of reconciliation statecraft seeks to identify and reconcile the multitude of interests that span public and private actors, individuals, cultures, and global concerns, which must be addressed by statecraft in the 21st century.’

He identifies eight principal interests in this concept:

  1. Individual
  2. Group
  3. National
  4. Regional
  5. Cultural
  6. Global
  7. Planetary
  8. Moral

The article discusses: statecraft in the 21st century, his newly developed concept of ‘reconciliation statecraft’ and its eight principal interests, as well as looking ahead: from pragmatic ‘national interest’ to reconciliation statecraft.

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