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In Afghanistan, Today’s Pro-Government Militias Could Be Tomorrow’s Insurgents

In an opinion piece published by War on the Rocks yesterday, Geneva Centre for Security Policy Doctoral Fellow and expert on Afghanistan, Dr Deedee Derksen, shares why mobilizing more militias in Afghanistan is a dangerous game.

Dr Derksen assesses fluidity between militia groups that make it difficult to distinguish between allies and enemies in Afghanistan. She highlights that whether one pledges allegiance to the Taliban, the Popular Uprising Group, Islamic State Khorasan Province members or part of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, recent history show that militias ‘tend to join ranks with whoever pays their way or offers opportunities for security and profit. They change stripes fast, particularly as they are rarely fully integrated into the security forces.’

Dr Derksen warns that ‘arming thousand more men outside of formal security forces is a mistake’ as ‘today’s allies risk becoming tomorrow’s insurgents.’

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