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Leading Effectively in Turbulent Times

What happens when your team or organisation finds itself in the midst of rapid, seemingly unpredictable events?

Let’s say a new actor storms onto the scene and directly challenges the very mission and primary funding of your enterprise? Or a new Managing or General Director is hired, and they immediately initiate a radical change initiative that merges your group with another? Or you are charged with bringing stability to a region, or to your organisation, after a period of volatile turbulence?


In these situations a ‘leader’ can rarely can provide all the answers, control all the forces, and make all the decisions. What a leader really does need are a range of tools and practices to unpack complexity, exercise judgement and engage the ‘leader’ in the entire team to steer through this turbulence.

Simply describing these circumstances as VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) is insufficient. We can be ‘taken hostage’ by such descriptions. What we really need are clarity, constructive strategies and effective practices that a group can engage in, collectively.

Rapid, unpredictable, paradoxical and tangled forces require an agile embrace by a team that shares Direction, Alignment and Commitment.  To slow-down to speed-up. To leverage polarity rather than be polarised by it. To quickly make collective sense of unpredicted and tangled events so that action can be tested and adjusted. We call this flipping from being hostage to VUCA to leading though turbulence.

Join us and learn how to not become hostage to VUCA and simultaneously leverage disRUPTive forces for your mission. A special guest this year is George Kohlrieser who will present one such lens on leading when ‘you are taken hostage’ by yourself, others, or the situation: Literally!

Leading and Influencing with Impact’ will take place from 5-7 November at the GCSP in partnership with CCL. Join us to learn more about RUPT!