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Leading and Influencing with Impact

Most of us lead across silos, teams and organisations. Whether mobilising for humanitarian assistance, peaceful interventions, negotiations or simple change in our home organisation, we rarely are isolated to our teams or ourselves.

The ability to engage and others in informal ways without positional/hierarchical power is increasingly making the difference for personal and mission success. The ability to influence without authority is directly tied to the networks we build in our professional lives (and often in our personal lives, too).

Influencing without authority is the number one cited problem leaders have when they show up to our leadership programs. But why?  

Two reasons:

  1. Leaders underestimate the power of their own network.
  2. Leaders often lack actionable information about how to build, maintain and leverage a network effectively.

Here are some network truths discovered by Phil Willburn, a network researcher and expert at the Center for Creative Leadership, that can help you become a better influencer across your organisation.

  1. Your leadership network should be open, meaning that many people in your core network do not know each other. This provides you with unique sources of information, avoiding the pitfalls of group-think.
  2. Your leadership network should be diverse, containing relationships that cross important boundaries in your work and profession – think peers, thought leaders and colleagues from a different generation. This provides you with diverse information.
  3. Your leadership network should include lots of strong ties – people who have your best interest in mind. This allows you to believe and trust the unique/diverse information you receive.

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