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Legacies of Survival: Syria's Uncomfortable Security Hybridity

A paper by GCSP Doctoral Fellow Mr Abdulla M. Erfan

A new policy paper by Geneva Centre for Security Policy Doctoral Fellow,  Mr Abdulla M. Erfan, takes a closer look at Security Hybridity in Syria and discusses why the integration of both foreign and information forces makes success in restoring pre-2011 unified security sector governance improbable.

According to Mr Erfan, hybridity of security governance includes not only foreign forces from Russia and Iran, but also the absorption of pro-government Syrian militias and even former rebel groups which have returned to the fold. He states further that while victory by the regime's definition will be achieved once it regains the one-third of the country now under Turkish or US control, the real challenge will be to restore state sovereignty and security sector control despite Russian and Iranian influence.

Read the entire paper on the Carnegie Middle East Center website.

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