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On Progress of the North Korean Nuclear Program

Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), Professor François Heisbourg, was interviewed by Swiss daily newspaper, Le Temps, about the progress of the North Korean nuclear program.

In the interview, Professor Heisbourg’s responded to the following three questions:

  1. Is North Korea, as Pyongyang claims, currently able to strike most of the countries in the world with nuclear weapons?
  2. What is North Korea still lacking from becoming a nuclear threat?
  3. When will the North Korean regime definitely enter the club of nuclear powers?

Professor Heisbourg expressed concerns about the theoretical firing range of modern North Korean ballistic missiles, which can exceed 10,000 kilometers. The parabolic trajectory of the most recent test fire exceeded 4,000 kilometers leading Professor Heisbourg to claim that while the North Korean regime often exaggerates their nuclear capabilities, they rarely lie about it.

Finally, Professor Heisbourg believes that, given the progress rate of their nuclear program, North Korea could become nuclear power in 2018, two years earlier than most experts had previously predicted.


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