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Our brain on Mars

‘A typical round trip to Mars will last about three years.’

On 27 February, GCSP’s Head of Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme, Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan, was featured in The Prospect for his work on space travel and psychology. His article, ‘This is your brain on Mars: what space travel does to our psychology,’ sparks a current and urgent debate happening precisely at NASA’s top table.

Professor Al-Rodhan explains evidentially what happens to life on Mars, as human psychology and physiology changes and adapts. He refers to the science and says ‘these findings have understandably sparked concerns over the planned voyage to Mars, as astronauts will find themselves outside of Earth’s magnetic field, which protects astronauts working aboard the ISS.’

He poses a question on humanity and moral limitations in this search to venture beyond Earth, divulging that in order to sustain life in space, a greater dependence on psychoactive drugs and mind-enhancing supplements is required.

What do you think about Life on Mars?

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