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Password Protected

Could your ‘brainprint’ be your next passcode?

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs has published an article by GCSP’s Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan. Al-Rodhan, Head of Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme at the GCSP has written a convincing science and technology piece titled, ‘Brainprints: Implications for Security and Civil Liberties’

The article discusses the safety and security of password protection. The IT and cyber sectors have looked at biometric data as alternatives to passwords but they have not just stopped at fingerprints or retina scans. As passcodes phase out slowly, ‘heartbeat monitors, voiceprints, face and vein recognitions devices, ingestible devices, and finally, ‘brainprints,’ which draw on the uniqueness of each human brain’s processing of information’ are becoming the norm.

He says, ‘the search for smarter authentication methods is seen as a race against time because the community of hackers, acting alone or on behalf of rogue states does not lack ingenuity. But bio- and neuro-technologies than can go as far as to process distinct personal signals and use those as identification codes, hail a new era in authentication security.’

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