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Peace on Earth – and in space

‘History and culture often appear too abstract for military establishments, but it is critical to take them into account because culture shapes security, strategy, and behaviour.’

On 16 April, Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs published GCSP’s Head of Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme, Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan’s article on U.S. Space Policy and Strategic Culture. The article discusses strategic culture analysis ingrained in the US Space Program including, Al-Rodhan says, ‘persistent tenants of U.S. strategic culture, such as casualty aversion, the pursuit of freedom and progress, and the use of outer space for “peaceful purposes”.’

Professor Al-Rodhan states, ‘Strategic Culture should not be defined as an all-encompassing explanation for foreign policy. Instead, it is a lens through which to analyse state behaviour and threat calculus.’

Find out more about Professor Al-Rodhan’s thoughts on US space policy and the impact of strategic culture and the challenges in the coming decades.


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