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Prof Mohamedou contributes to L'Etat du Monde 2016

Professor Mohamedou contributed to the Sahel chapter in the newly-released L'Etat du Monde 2016.

L'Etat du Monde is an annual geopolitical volume published by La Decouverte editions which outlines the global security, political and socioeconomic trends for the coming year.

Edited by Bertrand Badie from Sciences Politiques Paris and Dominique Vidal from Le Monde Diplomatique, this year's edition is under the theme: 'a world of inequalities'.

It highlights how, quantitatively and qualitatively, disparities across sectors and amongst nations have proliferated, generating all kinds of security challenges. In effect, inequalities - or their perception - enables conflicts and fuels political violence regionally and internationally.

The Sahel chapter, entitled 'The Sahel: Which Security and Political Stakes?, reviews the deterioration of security in the Sahel over the past years, identifies the causes and consequences of such evolution and analyses the impact on state-building and stabilisation in the vast Sahelian region.

Other chapters focus, notably, on health, hunger, migration, poverty, China, India and the Islamic State.

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