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Why ISIS is winning the online propaganda war

GCSP Expert Christina Liang talks to The Daily Dot

In this article, Eric Geller, Political Reporter at The Daily Dot, looks in depth at the online strategy of the Islamic State and at why it works (and at why counter-narratives are not working). Dr Christina Schori Liang, Senior Programme Advisor and Senior Fellow in GCSP's Emerging Security Challenges Programme, is amongst the CVE experts interviewed by the reporter.

“They’re tapping this kind of moment in youth where you feel like there’s nothing going and you need a new adventure, you need a new thing,” Dr Liang says about ISIS' recruitment strategy.

“They have a special, unique message for young girls. They have a special, unique message for drug addicts, for ex-cons. They have a special, unique message for ex-combatants in Chechnya. They really tailor their approach to each region and to each specific need,” she adds.


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