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Young Leaders from Georgetown University Reflect on their GCSP Experience

Former GCSP Fellows and current students of the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) program at Georgetown University - presently ranked as the “Top Master's Programs for Policy Career in International Relations” - Patrick Zimet and Emmie Bultemeier, recently reflected on their summer experience at the GCSP.

Patrick Zimet and Emmie Bultemeier, MSFS 2018 candidates, worked closely with Tobias Vestner, GCSP’s Security and Law Programme cluster leader.

 “Our fellowships incorporated in-depth scholarly research, project design, and a variety of engagements and activities” said both former GCSP Young Leaders in Foreign and Security Policy.

“As part of the Global Fellowship Initiative, we engaged and networked with the accomplished associate and executive-in-residence fellows at GCSP, including the former U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, former Vice President of Burundi, a senior Swiss journalist, and the former Regional Director of Operations for East Africa for the International Committee of the Red Cross. In this way, our GCSP fellowships offered an engaging, varied, and enriching array of experiences that facilitated both our professional development and personal growth”, they added.

Patrick Zimet and Emmie Bultemeier also highlighted their participation in the “Air and Missile Warfare: Navigating the Legal Dimension (Advanced AMPLE)” course and their help with organising the Security and Law Programme’s 1st Seminar for Senior NATO/PfP Legal Advisers (SSL) as some of their most memorable moments at the GCSP.


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