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20th European Security Course winds down

The 20th European Security Course came to a close on 24 March 2016. It had begun on 1 February 2016, welcoming 20 participants from 18 countries for 8 weeks.

The participants originated from ministries of foreign affairs, defence, finance, interior and the private sector from countries in wider Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South and East Asia, and Oceania.

The ceremony included remarks by GCSP Director Ambassador Christian Dussey, the Course Director Ms Miriam Fugfugosh and statements by the course spokespersons.

The ESC is designed to deepen the participants’ understanding of the security policy challenges relative to Europe. The course examines European security within a regional and global context thus better assessing the interconnectedness of transnational threats and responses. The ESC places equal importance on the study of substantive issues, skills enhancement and the development of a community of security policy professionals among the participants.

We wish the graduates of the 20th ESC 2016 continued success in their future endeavours, and look forward to our continued relationship with them through the GCSP Alumni Network and events.




“The level of training and education received at the GCSP is outstanding: a wonderful working atmosphere, an access to the whole world through the diversity of students, a very modern way of teaching, a great interactivity spirit, which gives you an efficient catalogue of tools to face the huge challenges of current international relations. Every day new lessons to learn, new stories to share: I strongly recommend the courses delivered here at GCSP!” Jean Nicolas GAUTHIER, French Navy Captain, National Representation of France at the NATO HQ SHAPE, 20th ESC

“The ESC provided me with knowledge in global governance by specifying actors and main challenges. It gave me a deeper knowledge about security challenges around the world and especially gave me the opportunity to learn more about other participating countries. The most important for me was to have a good understanding of African problems and how they could be solved. I aim to reach greater leadership in my country, and many of the skills, such as communication and negotiation skills, will be very useful to me.” Ms Précieuse DUNIA CHONGO ZAWADI, Ministry of Finances, Democratic Republic of the Congo

“GCSP is where experienced professionals inspired me to construct arguments and use pragmatic tools to pursue my ambitions. The speaker-participant dynamics created a challenging environment for both. While the speakers were expected to deliver an interactive and comprehensive session, I and my fellow participants were challenged to surprise them by our contributions and arguments. I state with confidence that GCSP is a premier institute of leadership in security policy 'where knowledge meets experience'.” Mr Barakatullah RAHMATI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan