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4th edition of the “Skills Enhancement for Political Advisors” course

The 4th edition of the GCSP Skills Enhancement for Political Advisors course was held from 6 to 8 June 2018. Since 2015, this course has provided an opportunity for professionals in advisory positions to enhance their required skills-set.

This year, the GCSP welcomed 19 participants of 11 different nationalities and representing various international organisations such as the United Nations, ECOWAS, World Health Organization, INTERPOL, NATO and affiliated with the governments of the United States, Switzerland and Germany. Some independent professionals also attended this course.

The module was directed by GCSP Associate Ms Miriam Fugfugosh who has designed and directed the skills enhancement package for political advisors since their inception at the GCSP.  The speakers and facilitators were affiliated with various international institutions, agencies, and governments. The module started off with a contribution from GCSP Executive-in-Residence Mr Pablo Carrillo who shared his insights in effective political advising from his fifteen years within the United States Senate. Conflict transformation expert, Dr Cordula Reimann from CORE then lead the group through a session on Political and Conflict Analysis using Yemen as a case study. Mr Matthias Ryffel from swisspeace facilitated a shuttle mediation simulation and providing a briefing on mediation support. GCSP’s Government Fellow Dr Carsten Wieland also shared some best practices from his extensive experiences with mediation. Ms Miriam Fugfugosh provided a session on negotiation fundamentals followed by Mr John Erath, GCSP Government Fellow and career diplomat of the United States, who challenged the group with simulations in negotiation, briefing and advising. Mr Marc Finaud from the GCSP offered the session on political writing. Finally, the participants received personalised feedback on communication styles through television and voice workshops with Mr Marcus Berry and Ms Jennifer Clickner from icommunicate, a Geneva-based collaboration of communication experts.

The course was highly interactive in nature with multiple opportunities for practical application of session topics. This course offered the opportunity for participants to enhance their professional network contributing to the thousands in the GCSP alumni network, and specifically the specialised body of political advisors within the network.

Look for the next edition in 2019.