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Air and Missile Warfare: Navigating the Legal Dimension (Advanced AMPLE)

New “Security and Law” course offered to 25 participants from 20 countries according to the “GCSP Way”.

From 29 to 31 May 2017, GCSP held the first executive education course “Air and Missile Warfare: Navigating the Legal Dimension (Advanced AMPLE)”. Led by Tobias Vestner, Cluster Leader within the Security and Law Programme at GCSP, the course brought together pilots and other operators, air force commanders, legal advisors, diplomats, representatives from the UN and NATO, researchers and staff of a non-governmental organisation from 20 different countries to co-create a unique learning experience on the international legal framework of air and missile warfare.

The course achieved remarkable results by integrating the experience and expertise of the course participants according to the “GCSP Way”. Furthermore, the course achieved impact by Prof. Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg’s outstanding legal knowledge, Lieutenant General Christophe’s vast operational experience and Laurent Muhlematter’s cutting-edge technical insights.

According to a fighter pilot, the course was a unique experience: “It was a great opportunity to closely work together with Generals, lawyers and young leaders from other countries. We very much benefited from one another because of the different views and experiences.” Another operator said that he enjoyed the refreshing experience of intellectual exchange in a diverse yet protected learning environment. A Brigadier General pointed out at the end of the course: “This was the best organized event I had attended in the last years.”

GCSP will continue to engage the new GCSP alumni, and wishes them much success in their professional careers. GCSP is eager to continue to strengthen clarification and implementation of international law in the security realm through its “Security and Law” activities.