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Cyber Security Nordic Award goes to GCSP Associate Fellow, Aapo Cederberg

The “Cyber Security Nordic” Award has been presented to Colonel (ret.) Aapo Cederberg for his long-term efforts to promote and raise global awareness of cyber security.

The award, presented by the Finnish Fair Foundation, F-Secure, Insta Defsec and Sähköturvallisuuden Edistämiskeskus Ry for the first time in 2018, is valued at 25,000 euros.

Cederberg is the founder and CEO of Cyberwatch Finland Oy. He has spent over 30 years working for the Finnish Defence Forces in various positions both in Finland and abroad, and was involved in drafting Finland’s first Cyber Security Strategy (2010–2013). Cederberg is also an Associate Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, where he oversees the annual Cyber 9/12 Strategic Challenge in Geneva. Before his fellowship, Cederberg was a GCSP staff member seconded by the Finnish Ministry of Defense.

“In an age of hybrid influences, Finland’s Comprehensive Security model has become unexpectedly valuable,” says Cederberg. “State actors, criminals and even terrorists are trying to exploit the vulnerabilities in modern societies. According to some estimates, over 300,000 malware programmes are created globally every day, and unfortunately this is a rising trend,” says Cederberg.

The Cyber Security Nordic Award seeks to highlight the importance of cyber security, and to recognise people and organisations that work to create a safer cyber world.

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Image: Courtesy of CyberWatch Finland