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Cyber with Security: Shared Needs, Collaborative Solutions

On 17 July 2015 the GCSP held a half-day meeting on “Cyber with Security: Shared Needs, Collaborative Solutions”.


GCSP - Maison De La Paix

The meeting gathered around 20 high-level experts from diverse sectors (law, human rights, trade, security, IT) in order to breakdown silos and identify win-win opportunities across these communities on digital security and the right to privacy.

The meeting, held under the Chatham House Rule, was chaired by Dr Gustav Lindstrom (Head, Emerging Security Challenges Programme, GCSP) and Mr Nick Ashton-Hart (Associate Fellow, GCSP).

The first session addressed the current situation from the perspective of practitioners from the national security, technical, law enforcement, legal, and legislative communities. The second session was focused on identifying potential opportunities for collaboration and action, particularly as it related to online jurisdiction and law enforcement, ‘networked privacy’, and counterterrorism in networked societies.

The discussions recognised that in order to gain traction on these issues and create sustainable results the different groups needed to connect more effectively and provide mutual assistance.

Two themes dominated the discussions: the need to improve the speed of response to attacks and the lack of established and wide trust networks across multiple jurisdictions. A number of concrete and forward-looking suggestions to address these deficiencies were explored.

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