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Delegation from the South Korean National Assembly Research Service visits GCSP

A Delegation of senior members of the South Korean National Assembly Research Service visited GCSP on 3 May, for an in-depth exchange of views of the most recent developments and prospects for the Korean Peninsula. The discussions touched upon the peace initiative of Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader, and Moon Jae-In, the South Korean President, and the outcomes of the Summit between the two leaders, in Panmunjom on 27 April 2018. It also looked at the way forward towards the forthcoming key Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un and its possible results in terms of advancing peace over the Korean Peninsula. Expectations are high, also in Seoul, for a historic transformation of the Korean dynamics, after 60 years of conflict, even though numerous hurdles lie on the road.

This visit takes place in the framework of the GCSP promoting dialogue on the Korean Peninsula.