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Diplomacy meets art, sport and the private sector: a new GCSP course

The GCSP is presenting a brand new course next week on creative diplomacy.

The new course will enhance participants’ diplomatic toolkit for the 21st century, through the personal exploration of innovative diplomatic skills and methods.

Traditional diplomacy focused on procedures and techniques of communication, negotiation and representation. Today’s representatives need to solve complex problems and adapt to fast changing circumstances by using a new creative mindset.

Diplomacy through a number of lenses

The course will explore diplomacy through a number of lenses, from storytelling to design, sports, dance and the private sector.

Drawing on a diverse array of both in-house and external expertise, speakers will include GCSP Director Ambassador Christian Dussey, GCSP Fellows: Jyoti Guptara, Dr Rama Mani, Nicolas Boulgaris, and Janet Lim, in addition to those with years of experience in the diplomatic world such as Ambassador Peter Gottwald, Ambassador Philippe Welti and the course coordinator, Ambassador Chitra Narayanan.

New Creativity & Innovation Initiative

The course takes place within GCSP’s Creativity & Innovation Initiative, which aims to enhance the capability of officials, military officers and executives to address global challenge of advancing peace, security and international cooperation worldwide. The initiative creates spaces where different cultures, domains, disciplines and generations stream together and build on each other to gain insights to new ways of thinking about global problems.

Preview from a speaker

One of the speakers, GCSP Novelist-in-Residence, Jyoti Guptara, gives a preview of the course by exploring the intersection of storytelling and diplomacy in a recent article.


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