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Dr Schori Liang addresses OSCE youth conference

Dr. Christina Schori Liang delivered the Keynote Address at the 2015 “Working with Youth for Youth: Protection against Radicalization Conference organised by the OSCE in Belgrade. 

The conference took place in the Palace of Serbia from 3-4 September. One of the priorities of the Swiss and Serbia OSCE Chairmanships was to strengthen the voice of young people and enhance their involvement within OSCE structures. To achieve this goal, the Swiss Chairmanship in 2014 adopted the Ministerial Council Declaration on Youth (MC.DOC/3/14) in in Basel which paved the way for more inclusive work with youth.  

Serbia hosted the “Working with Youth for Youth: Protection against Radicalization" conference in Belgrade to continue to move this initiative forward realising that youth had a very important role to play in countering violent extremism. The purpose of the meeting was to identify innovative and effective ways to tackle the radicalisation of youth. The meeting brought together 57 Youth Ambassadors representing all the OSCE countries as well as diplomats and NGOs from the OSCE region.