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Emerging Security Challenges to Regional Stability

A GCSP Public Discussion with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius

Europe and the wider neighborhood presently face a number of challenges, several of which have security implications. The variety of challenges, combined with the rapid speed at which they evolve, place a premium on the formulation of timely and effective responses.


GCSP - Maison de la paix

On 29 February, Mr Linas Linkevičius, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania visited the GCSP and engaged in a public discussion. During his presentation he examined current emerging security challenges facing Europe and its neighbourhood. A key reference point was the urgency and complexity of current crises and conflict resolution processes – as illustrated by events in Ukraine.

Three key points were raised during the discussion. First, the rise of hybrid threats requires additional attention by policymakers. Given its multidimensionality, there is a premium on reacting early with the right set of tools. Second, given the increasing speed with which challenges may emerge, strategic messaging is essential. Besides helping to forge the necessary focus and attention to a specific situation, such messaging also serves to signal proactive commitment to addressing emerging challenges. Third, and related to the second point, the power of propaganda should not be underestimated in current international affairs. It can effectively shape the perception of emerging challenges, sometimes in ways that will complicate their resolution. Policymakers need to recognize its power so emerging issues can be better managed or shaped.    

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