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GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance featured in 2016 Financial Times Executive Education magazine

The Alliance for Advancing Leadership in Peace and Security, an innovative partnership between the GCSP and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), is gaining international recognition for filling the gap between needs of non-governmental organisations and the expertise of executives.

In this year's edition of their Executive Education magazine, the Financial Times quoted Peter Cunningham, the GCSP’s co-director for the partnership, to explain how the GCSP is working with the CCL in order to overcome the “decision-making paralysis” often experienced within the leadership of NGOs as they are faced with an evolving, results-focused international arena.

The Center for Creative Leadership, with which GCSP has been partnering closely since November 2015, is a nonprofit organisation specialising in executive education and leadership development. Within the Financial Times’ executive education rankings, CCL was ranked fourth global provider of executive education programmes overall (n°6 for open-enrolment programmes and n°7 for customised programmes).

The GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance combines the GCSP’s in-depth knowledge of peace and security issues with the CCL’s demonstrable leadership in designing effective programmes for a global audience.

By building courses, advancing dialogues, arranging special events, and applying policy analysis, the Alliance aims to transform the challenges of traditional and emerging issues into opportunities for interconnected, inventive solutions.


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