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GCSP Championed as an Innovative Centre for Security Experts

In an interview with the Geneva Tribune, GCSP Director Ambassador Christian Dussey said the openness of the Centre help GCSP experts and staff to channel innovation in their approach to security policy.

Citing the glass walls, both inside and out, which define the Maison de la paix, Ambassador Dussey explained that the GCSP is more like Silicon Valley than a military bunker despite the connotation of our security focus. In many ways, he has worked to model the GCSP after companies like Google - holding Centre-wide weekly debrief meetings of just 15 minutes, for example, to keep staff connected and informed. Additionally, Ambassador Dussey keeps no main office, choosing instead to move around the building and remain available and approachable to all within the GCSP. "I must be the only ambassador without an office," he said.

Since Ambassador Dussey arrived at the GCSP in 2013, the Centre has doubled the amount of courses offered, opening them to participants beyond just the diplomatic and military sectors. Now, writers, managers and bankers mingle with military officers and diplomats within our courses and fellowships, offering a broader range of expertise and opinions within the Centre. The range of nationalities which come to the GCSP remains vast and varied, allowing course participants from all over the world to learn from each other.


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