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GCSP Director talks about Resilience at the Security Forum in Champéry, Switzerland

Ambassador Christian Dussey shared his insights on resilience and new security threats at a panel during the 10th Forum Security Chablais which was organized by the Savatan Police Academy last Friday, 04 November 2016 and gathered some 350 participants.

In addition to GCSP director, the panel included renowned experts such as the editor of Le Temps Newspaper, the CEO of one of the Swiss insurance companies Groupe Mutuel, and the National Councillor/President of the Christian Democratic Party. They discussed topics related to new security threats in today’s complex world with a special attention to new terrorist threats. Ambassador Dussey gave an overview of past and new security issues and highlighted the importance of crisis management and resilience in today’s world.  The ability of a system, an organization or a society to navigate and recover rapidly in turbulent times is crucial today. Therefore, political as well as civil societies must always be prepared for crisis situations.

Interviews concerning the event were published on two local radios and a local TV station.


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