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GCSP Executive-in-Residence Spearheads Cyber Response

Which number do you call when your connected devices are locked or ransom-hacked? And, who helps you make sense of the advances in artificial intelligence in our data-driven era?

Cyber-AID.org is designed to help individuals, companies, cities and governments do just that. 

Centres of excellence are currently being developed in several metropoles and regions of the world to educate, alert, protect and to open opportunities. 

In Geneva, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) acts as an incubator and supports Cyber-AID.org, the first People-Public-Private collaboration on cybersecurityartificial intelligence and digital shifts.  Cyber-AID.org aims to offer direct assistance to individuals, companies or cities affected by cyber incidents or preparing for autonomous devices. Members will be able to use the site to expand their knowledge in these three domains as well.

Founded by GCSP Fellow and Executive-in-Residence Mr Gilles Fuchs, who was inspired by his studies at the Harvard Kennedy School and by his fellowship at the World Economic Forum, Cyber-AID.org is working fast to expand its operational ability to raise awareness and respond to such incidents. Cyber-AID.org searches for ‘ambassadors’ in 100 countries to implement a ‘whole-of-nation’ approach locally and fostering digital solidarity.  

Cyber-AID.org has been in incubation since early 2017 at the GCSP and launched ten days after the “WannaCry” ransomware affected over 150 countries and 200,000 computers, leaving governments and institutions scrambling to stop the attack and reassure the population.

You can become involved at three levels:

  1. register on Cyber-AID.org and help us reach 100’000 supporters near you  
  2. become an ambassador by sending an email to gilles.fuchs@cyber-AID.org
  3. volunteer to help us expand

Donors and investors should contact us at donors@cyber-aid.org



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