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GCSP Expert Aapo Cederberg moderates panel at 2015 UNIDIR Conference on Cyber Stability

Mr Aapo Cederberg, GCSP Senior Programme Advisor in the Emerging Security Challenges Programme moderated at the UNIDIR Conference on Cyber Stability 2015 titled- “Regime Coherence” at the Palais des Nations on Thursday, 9 July 2015. The panel focused on cybersecurity and international law.

Panel experts were Ambassador Kriangsak Kittichaisaree from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand and Member of the International Law Commission of the UN; Ms Katherine Wanjiru Getao, ICT Secretary in the Ministry of ICT in Kenya; Mr Nils Melzer, Senior Advisor in the Division for Security Policy within the Directorate of Political Affairs at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs; and Ms Eneken Tikk-Ringas, Senior Fellow for Cyber Security at IISS

Topics discussed included: fears of espionage, reacting to threats vs reacting to blurred lines of actor responsibility, increases in ICTs eroding trust between states, defining terminology of an armed attack in the context of cyber, the ability of international human rights law as applied to cyber to enable state crackdowns on organisations such as ISIS, technical challenges vs legal challenges, the need for re-interpretations of pre-existing principles on protections of civilian populations in the cyber domain, the need for clearer scope between cyber-attacks vs cyber-crimes, intellectual theft undermining state sovereignty and the lag of law behind developments in technology.


© UN Photo by Violaine Martin; Palais des Nations at dusk, 6 November 2014