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GCSP Public Discussion with Mr Luis Almagro

On 14 November, the GCSP had the pleasure to host a public discussion on "Security Challenges for Latin America" with special guest Mr Luis Almagro.

In his inauguration speech as Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro affirmed that the American hemisphere was fed up with exclusion, asking for “more rights for more people”. The past months have seen people took to the streets in Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina and others, complaining about inequalities, corruption and the lack of security.

Almagro himself acknowledged that citizens security is the biggest challenge in Latin America, and that the governments have to work together to address a society approach to fight violence and corruption. The OAS can contribute to a solution by being closer to the people, more efficient and less bureaucratic.

This event provided an opportunity to take a closer look at the present and future challenges in Latin America. It also provided an attempt to examine the different steps to achieve a more accountable governance able to face these challenges.