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GCSP Welcomes Diplomats from Iraq

From 14-26 January, the GCSP has the pleasure of hosting a delegation of thirteen diplomats from Iraq. An excellent group of diplomats, mostly employed by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are attending a course on good governance and migration, organized by the GCSP in cooperation with the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration. The delegation is spending two weeks in Geneva visiting different international organizations and state institutions including the United Nations Office in Geneva, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organisation of Migration, the City of Geneva authorities, and the Federal Authorities in Bern.

The course covers different issues including:

-        The role, rights, and obligations of the international community

-        Migration: opportunities and security challenges

-        International migration law

-        Refugee law

-        Comparing federal and decentralized systems

-        Swiss federalism

-        Threats to human security

-        Good governance

-        The role of the judicial, executive and legislative powers

-        National dialogue, political thought and counter-narrative

-        Gender and Security

-        The role of civil society

The two highlights of the week for participants include a presentation on the ‘Introduction to Switzerland’ by Colonel Christian Bühlmann, and the visit of Palais Eynard. ‘Introduction to Switzerland’, presented the diplomats with Swiss food and drink products following an interactive session to learn more about Swiss culture and the history of federalism in the country. 

Colonel Christian Bühlmann, Head of GCSP's Regional Perspectives Programme, reflected, ‘I am impressed by the knowledge and the expertise of our Iraqi guests. During classes, they ask insightful questions, challenge the lecturers and connect the new knowledge with their previous experience. I appreciated working with them and look forward to seeing how they will contribute to foster peace, stability and security in their country.’

During the Palais Eynard visit, the course participants learned about the city of Geneva through a presentation by M. Steve Bernard, Head of the Service of External Relations. The participants also had the opportunity to meet Geneva’s Mayor Pagani and ask him questions about good governance in Geneva.

A similar course will be offered in May to a delegation of diplomats from Guinea. For those not part of a delegation, Diplomatic Tradecraft for Non-Diplomats will be offered in April. The course sits under the Effective Governance Cluster within the Regional Perspectives Programme at the GCSP.