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GCSP course participants exchange experiences

Participants of two of GCSP’s long courses, the eight-month Leadership in International Security Course (LISC) and the two-month New Issues in Security Course (NISC) met recently in an informal networking event.

The NISC is composed of 22 participants from 22 countries including Oman and Mongolia for the first time. The LISC, launched in October 2017, is composed of 22 participants from 19 countries, among which 16 are participating in the MAS in International and European Security, jointly run with the University of Geneva.

This informal ‘cocktail’ and networking event provided participants with the space to get to know each other, share experiences, discuss ideas, and exchange about Geneva and their course experience at the GCSP. It was very much appreciated by participants, and to set them on the right path in sharing experiences and connecting throughout the course.