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GCSP holds its first course fully dedicated to climate change

Diplomats, military officers, private sector representatives and civil society actors may all come from different vantage points to climate change, but they can all agree that in order to prevent climate change and avoid the disastrous effects action has to be taken urgently. The COP21 in Paris and what happens next will shape the security landscape for current and future generations.

The GCSP contributes to climate action through executive education.

During the 5-day course on “Climate Change: Security Challenges and Solutions”, participants were given an opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of different stakeholders: an advisor to a Minister of Foreign Affairs, a military operations planner, a civil society actor, a private sector representative, and a member of the United Nations Security Council.

Intensive group work – in the spirit of “The GCSP Way” where knowledge is co-created by invited experts and participants – exposed those present to the complexity and nuances of the climate change and security nexus.

“Climate change is a game changer”, “climate change increases threats”, “climate change is an opportunity for transformation” were some of the soundbites produced during the final communication exercise. Indeed, telling a different story on climate change is crucial in order to raise the awareness of the public and influence decision-makers.

The success of the first edition of the course is encouraging the GCSP to carry out further activities in the area of climate change and security and foster understanding and capacity building in this area. During a course session on “The Road to Paris and Beyond”, it was well recognized that preventing climate change and developing creative adaptation and mitigation strategies will become crucial in the years following the Paris conference in December 2015.