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GCSP hosts LOAC training to Swiss Air Force

On 9 November 2017, the Officer’s School of the Swiss Air Force in Payerne visited GCSP for training in the law of armed conflict (LOAC).

Tobias Vestner taught the cadets on the international rules and principles applicable to air operations. After a short introduction on the topic, the future officers analysed the movie “Eye in the Sky” from a legal perspective. The movie shows the decisionmaking process of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya which ultimately leads to the targeting of the terrorists. When a girl enters the strike zone, the complexity of political, military, ethical and legal aspects of drone strikes and modern warfare becomes apparent. The Air Force cadets analysed these different implications with a particular focus on legalities. Moreover, they identified how international law relates to strategic, operational and ethical considerations. The cadets enjoyed the interactive teaching and acquired important insights for their career.

GCSP is eager to continue strengthening future leaders through executive education, dialogue and policy analysis on security and law.