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GCSP welcomes Phil Zimmerman during 3-day training on Cyberweapons

Exclusive Course on Cyberweapons, their Current and Future Technologies and Cyberweapons Markets

Engaging internationally renowned cyber experts from governments, international organisations, the private sector and academia, the GCSP in partnership with ABI Research, organised a three days training course on Cyberweapons: National Interests, Technologies, and Markets. In the growing scope and complexity of the cyber world, the course stressed the necessity for governments and non-state groups to understand the tools used for offensive, defensive and intelligence gathering purposes. From 23-25 November experienced cyber experts engaged the controversial question of what a cyberweapon constitutes, where the technologies are at the moment, where they are going; and how cyberweapons markets operate.

With the support of globally leading cyberspace and technology companies F-Secure, Codenomicon, Silentsec and Silent Circle, course participants were introduced into the current and future trends of the cyber world and provided with a comprehensive understanding of the strategic and operational levels of cyberweapons.

Embedded within a strategic context, participants discussed the constitution of a cyberweapon with an attempt to sketch out the domains of cyberconflict and cyberwarfare. In different case studies the course traced back how cyberweapons have been used in the real world for offense, defense and intelligence gathering. Pointing out shortcomings but also possibilities, the course evaluated the potential of a public and private sector partnership in shaping the cybersecurity landscape.

How do cyber capabilities markets operate and what is their entire role in developing national capabilities? This was one of the major questions during the whole course and pressing challenge for national governments at the same time. In an interactive group work participants devised a plan to develop a national framework for the creation, development and utilization of national cyber capabilities. Followed by a strategic foresight on future trends and technologies of cyberweapons, cyber giant Phil Zimmermann launched a final discussion on ethics and technology within cyber space and addressed the moral implications of cyberweapons.