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Geneva Digital Talk Series: How Can Technological Solutions Advance Cybersecurity?

On 3 November, the GCSP in collaboration with the Geneva Internet Platform, DiploFoundation, and the Republic and Canton of Geneva organised a conference entitled “How can technological solutions advance cybersecurity?” The event brought together over 60 participants spanning the private, public and civil society sectors.

The meeting examined three key issues: 1) Recent cyber incidents such as Mirai,  Wannacry, and Petya – analysing their specific characteristics and implications for security, 2) How technical solutions can mitigate these cyber vulnerabilities, with an example technology profiled (SCION Pilot Server) to demonstrate how systems can be designed to decrease the spread of malicious software, and 3) Future trends in the cyber realm, with an emphasis on the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and artificial intelligence. Throughout the day, participants shared information on good practices for enhancing net hygiene.

The event highlighted the importance of pursuing a “holistic” approach towards cybersecurity. While technological measures are a key component for cybersecurity, their effectiveness is best leveraged when accompanied by corresponding measures to enhance individual awareness of cyber risks and having contingency processes to minimise the impacts during – and after – a cyber incident.