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Iraqi Cellist Karim Wasfi stressing the importance of Creativity and Arts for Peace

The GCSP had the immense pleasure to host Mr Karim Wasfi on the 16th of September.

Chief Conductor and Director of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, he regularly performs in different parts of the world to promote cross cultural integration and mutual understanding.

Many of Maison de la Paix Partners gathered at the GCSP to attend the short performance. This was not only the occasion to hear his extraordinary music, but also the extraordinary tale of the Iraqi cellist fighting bombs with music.

His impromptu concerts amid the rubble in Iraq have gained worldwide recognition. Mr Wasfi’s simple but powerful message: “to overcome the ugliness of killings by beauty, by music, by art and creativity”

His hopeful visions for Iraq and for the world along with his efforts to combat violence have been an inspiration to all the participants. Mr Wasfi also recognized the need to ally creativity, knowledge and experience to overcome future security challenges, an approach that he was very happy to see at the GCSP.