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Leading Effectively in Turbulent Times and the Military

Captain Marco von Kölln has served in German Navy since 1982.

Currently, he serves as Head of Leadership and Management Education at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College in Germany, where he is responsible for educating more than 800 staff officers per year. He sat down with editors to discuss how the GCSP course, “Leading Effectively in Turbulent Times” compliments the courses he oversees at the Armed Forces Staff College in Hamburg, Germany.

GCSP:  Captain von Kölln you participated in the GCSP course, “Leading Effectively in Turbulent Times.”  Why did you take the course and what were some of the key lessons learned?

Captain Kölln: I was here to learn something new that could improve my work at home. My task at home is to assist future leaders to develop their leadership skills.  This course offer at the GCSP helped me a lot to get new ideas and stay up to date.

GCSP:  Can you tell us a little more about your work?

Captain von Kölln: We teach up to 800 adults each year in leadership, management and planning. The purpose of these courses is that these officers qualify to become staff officers.  Additionally, we are interested in life-long learning so we offer some courses to higher ranks, those who would like to continue improving their skills.

GCSP:  Being in the armed forces, you are already quite familiar with working in simulation. One of the sessions involved running a simulation. What did you think of that particular exercise?

Captain von Kölln: This session’s simulation fits very well with what we do at Hamburg at the Staff College. For each of these following courses, I have the intention of sending one or two of my teachers here to the GCSP, just to learn and get new ideas that could help us in teaching back in Hamburg.