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Leading and Influencing with Impact Course

A milestone for the GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance was achieved in Geneva this week. The Alliance co-produced its first edition of Leading with Influence and Impact to a cohort of 15 outstanding participants.

The experience included panel discussions with senior leaders from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, CARE International, and GCSP, with a half-day case simulation-exercise on the ebola crisis led by the former Under-Secretary General of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, a half-day session on "Powerful Communication" led by a former senior BBC correspondent, interwoven with CCL Leadership Essentials on Leading and Influencing on individual, team, organizational and societal levels.

"After the session on organizational influence and D-A-C, I realized immediately what I needed to do in my change effort when I get back."

Course participant

Personal Leadership Challenges provided reflection moments on each of the three days, and as follow-up with GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance Co-Directors Dr Patrick Sweet and Mr Peter Cunningham leading the sessions. Participants included the first Female Major in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia; the Global Membership Director of CARE international; the Ambassador of Switzerland to Ireland; Deputy Head of Mission at UN Department of Political Affairs in Geneva; Director and Chairman, Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs of Dohuk Governorate in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq; a commercial airline captain and others.

"To weave CCL’s and GCSP’s knowledge and experience, with those of participants who lead one of the world’s largest refugee efforts in Kurdistan, global humanitarian organizations, along with UN conflict negotiators and others, is transformative on many levels."

Alliance Co-Director Dr Patrick Sweet

This mix of cultures, sectors and responsabilities is extremely engaging and demanding. Specific and promising inquiries from three participants for possibly extending Alliance efforts to their organisations were tendered to the Co-Directors who look to potentially deepen the impact of these efforts.