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Managing Complexity through Innovation

21st century foreign and security policy-making necessitates thinking beyond traditional boundaries. It demands imagination for sustainable problem-solving and creativity among decision-makers.

However, far too often international foreign and security experts voice their frustration about a lack of innovation in their organisations. It would appear the space for challenging conventional thinking remains limited in this sector.

At the GCSP we aim to help current and future leaders navigate through complexity, while looking at problems with a fresh mind.

In our executive courses we explore how challenges play out on several levels, transcending national borders while varying from one context to the other. We focus in our public events on the difficulty of addressing at the same time long-known security challenges and suddenly emerging disruptions. We provide expert analysis, calling for new solutions for bringing peace and stability to a chaotic world.

For us “innovation” means changing mindsets for the benefit of a better and more effective foreign and security policy-making. It is also about creating conditions in which new ways of strengthening international peace and security are continually evaluated.

“It is only through the collision of ideas and by learning from different disciplines and sectors that we will be able to create impact on a global scale”

GCSP Director Christian Dussey

As an institution operating in a dynamic competitive environment, developing and testing new ideas is indispensable in order to surpass ourselves and remain relevant. This is also why GCSP Director Ambassador Christian Dussey traveled recently to New York City to attend a conference entirely dedicated to innovation. He reported back that “the Fast Company Innovation Festival gathered innovators, creators and entrepreneurs at over 100 events across NYC. It is only through the collision of ideas and by learning from different disciplines and sectors that we will be able to create impact on a global scale”.

In fact, at the GCSP we are constantly thinking about how to integrate novelty into our activities. Under the umbrella of the “Creativity & Innovation Initiative” we have launched several innovative projects throughout the year:

  • Through the Global Fellowship Initiative we aim to nurture innovation by breaking down silos, providing co-working space for experts from all walks of life.
  • The GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security was awarded for the first time this year to recognise a mobile application that shall help facilitate policy-making in the field of protecting children in armed conflict.
  • With a view to providing new approaches to diplomacy, we have launched an executive course on “Creative Diplomacy”.
  • A new series of events, “Executive Conversations”, brings together a diverse group of professionals to collectively reflect upon some of the most pressing security challenges of our times.

Given the complexity of foreign and security affairs, innovative approaches have become a necessity. At the GCSP we will continue to conceptualise new ideas and help design new solutions with a view to fostering global capacities to sustainable and effective problem-solving.