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OSCE Network Study Group - Challenges at Societal Level Geneva Meeting

Europe is experiencing the most dangerous security situation of the last 30 years. Disputes between Russia and Western states have developed into tensions in the OSCE area. 

The situation escalated over the crisis in and around Ukraine, which, in turn, led to the deepest division within the OSCE community since the end of the Cold War. This division is not limited to the political sphere, but increasingly involves the societal sphere – economic exchange, and cultural and scientific cooperation.

The OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions held the first meeting of its Study Group at the GCSP from 27 to 29 May 2016, aiming at comprehending the main problems of the current situation and the process that has led to them, as well as elaborating recommendations that will affect societies to return to a more cooperative security policy in the OSCE area. The Study Group brought together 22 representatives from 14 countries, including Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, United States of America, Turkey, Belarus and others. At this meeting the group looked at various narratives and perspectives from across the OSCE to understand how the current security situation has come about. They will then provide recommendations on how to move towards greater cooperation and unity. The Study Group’s report will be presented and discussed at a side-event of the Hamburg 2016 OSCE Ministerial Council.