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Objectif: Les Pôles

In the framework of training our young staff about the important aspects of reaching personal and professional objectives in life, Switzerland’s Chargé de Mission at the GCSP, Col (GS) William Gargiullo, shared his incredible ultra-marathon experiences to promote a positive and encouraging working environment among the young generation.

Among the numerous marathons and ultra-marathons that William Col Gargiullo has participated in and completed, the two most incredible ones are the 2014 North Pole Marathon and the 2016 Antarctic Ice 100 kilometers. Due to the unique climate and terrain of these regions, combined with the extremely long distance, these competitions are some of the most physically challenging events to participate in.

According to William, it takes more than just physical strength and capacity to complete difficult challenges; it also requires adaptation to new circumstances, which requires heavy planning, proper objective setting, perseverance and strong determination to reach the final objective. To highlight the importance of these factors, William argues that about 60 percent of success from any challenge is almost directly attributed to an individual’s mental strength and preparedness in multiple scenarios.

Attendees of the presentation learned a great deal about the importance of undertaking new challenges, setting small realistic objectives to prepare for the challenges without compromising their health, and having the correct mentality to withstand any difficulty that they might face in their journey.