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Presidential-style Debate on the Arms Trade Treaty

On 2 December 2016, GCSP organized a presidential-style debate on the Arms Trade Treaty in partnership with the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

Mr Tobias Vestner, who heads the Security and Law activities at the GCSP, led the debate with the authors of a recently published legal commentary on the Arms Trade Treaty.

The lively and informative debate addressed legal complexities, practical implications, and political challenges of the Arms Trade Treaty. The following statements reflect the content and dynamics of the event:

  • Prof Andrew Clapham: "The Arms Trade Treaty is not about past war crimes, it is about future war crimes";
  • Mr Tobias Vestner: “The notion of “peace and security” introduces political considerations into the legal instrument”;
  • Dr Stuart Maslen: "Armed drones are covered by the Treaty";
  • Ms Sarah Parker: "Implementation is much broader than the articles state".

The GCSP is eager to continue to clarify legal issues and to strengthen implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty.