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Prof Mohamedou speaks at 1st Africa Security Forum 2015

Prof. Mohamedou spoke in the opening session, devoted to the security and geopolitical challenges for Africa in an age of globalisation.

The other speakers on the panel were Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union Counterterrorism Coordinator and Sir Anthony Layden, former Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Libya.

The forum tackled both the urgent security questions facing Africa, notably the proliferation of terrorist threats, and the deeper dynamics in need of addressing, such as the introduction of effective new technologies and regional and international cooperation.

Among the other speakers that addressed these questions were Jean-Louis Bruguiere, former French counterterrorism affairs judge; Dr. Steven Fleischman, former U.S. State Department expert; and James Wayman, former U.S. Department of Defence expert.

The event brought together some 200 professionals from around the world and was organised by the Atlantis Center for Research and Geostrategic Studies, in cooperation with the International Forum of Security Technologies (FITS).